Los Angeles Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

A Peer-to-peer Support Group

Male Survivor Therapy Group (Pasadena)

Denise Ballnik MA MFT
For information, call (323) 939-4550.

Male Survivor Therapy Group (Pasadena)

Chris Tickner, MFT
For information, call: (818) 568-6982.

Free Therapist Lead Male Survivor Support Group.

This psycho-educational and experiential support group is designed to help men (18 years old +) recover from sexual abuse, assault, and unwanted/inappropriate sexual encounters that occurred during childhood and adolescence. The group will be facilitated by a male/female therapeutic team, and will meet for 20 sessions.

Requires in-person screening. Call (213) 955-9090, and ask to speak to either Brenda or Javier. See the Peace Over Violence Male Survivor Support Group Flyer (PDF) for more information. The support group is hosted by Peace Over Violence.

Male Survivor Therapy Group (San Diego)

C. Allen Ruyle, LCSW (www.allenruyletherapy.com)
Recipient of the "Award of Support" at the 14th MaleSurvivor International Conference

Our group meets Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. There are three to eight group members, all of whom are dealing with their history of sexual abuse and/or sexual assault. The focus of the group is to help the participants identify, confront and heal the wounds they carry related to their traumatic history. Other goals include developing an understanding of the universal themes experienced by male survivors, repairing the ability to develop and maintain trusting relationships, learning to give and receive emotional support, all while reducing isolation and shame.
Call: (619) 213-3000