Los Angeles Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

A Peer-to-peer Support Group

Typical for all Meetings

You can check the Calendar page for meeting days. Please be on time. Meeting are from 4–6 p.m. We do not take a break, so please go the the restroom before the meeting begins. If you have to use the restroom during the meeting, please do so between shares.

It's okay to drink (excluding alcohol, of course), but please do not eat during the meeting. The facility we meet at sells neither food or drinks, nor has vending machines, but there is a convenience store across the street from the facility.

There is no cost to attend meetings, though we do pass a basket for donations.

Attending Meetings

On the average, you can expect 6–12 men to be in attendance, usually with 0–2 attending for their first time. Typically, each man who desires to share will have 5+ minutes.

Men new to the group can attend either the 1st- or 3rd-Sunday meetings. Regardless of how (in)frequently you attend, you will be able to attend the 1st- and 3rd-Sunday meetings (as long as you follow the group guidelines).

One must have attended 4 meetings within the four month period prior to any 4th-Sunday meeting they desire to attend. This applies to new as well as existing members.


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